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Achieve your body goal with our 100% Organic and Effective Beauty products and non-invasive treatment at an accessible cost.


Increases your body temperature and boosts calorie burning.
Body Scrub
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Slimming Beauty Cream
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Girl Power Oil
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At home lipo machine

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Coconut Milk Scrub

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"Say goodbye to your old self"
At Shapely Beauty Spa we will bring out your inner Diva!
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snatch me Contour Belt

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High Waist & Thigh Trimmer

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Helps reduce weight,
Increase in heat and sweat

Shandryl, Certified Body Contouring Expert

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more Features

Lip Enhancement

Enhance the lips Using No Needles. Hyaluronic acid is used as fillers because it is naturally produced in our bodies. Up To 4 Sessions Recommended.

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Endermotherapy is a Non-Invasive technique that promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and stimulation of connective tissue, and generating muscle relaxation.

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Laser Lipo

Non-invasive Lipo Laser relies on laser energy instead of incisions to slim the body quickly and with minimum effort on the patient. Unlike regular liposuction, non-invasive Laser Lipo.

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